About Me

Who am I? I’m a University of Florida graduate and a huge Gator fan; the world’s best aunt to my nieces and nephews as well as to my friends’ children; a huge animal lover and owner of a Ring-neck Dove named Cocoa (that I’ve had for nearly 30 years), and a tiger cat named Ozzy that I inherited from the son of my ex); the fourth in a family of five children with seven Dachshunds (my nickname was Kiddo and my beloved, blind dog named Greta); a Godmother to Andreina and a pseudo one to her brother Edgar; a craver of my favorite food – sushi – especially from my favorite Orlando restaurant Amura’s; a beach lover and avid shell collector; a best friend to Eden (we cheered together in 7th grade) and Suki (we met in 10th grade and danced on the same team).

My work experience includes serving as the PR Director for the Florida Veterinary Medical Association. Right out of college, I landed this dream job with the FVMA that married my love of animals with work. I moved on to The IIA, an international professional association, where I began as an Associate Editor on their professional journal and progressed to Publications Editor, writing and laying out five separate publications. I shifted into the Marketing and PR Department and held various positions including Senior Promotional Writer, Marketing Account Executive, and, ultimately, Manager of Inreach/Outreach Marketing traveling, overseeing all IIA exhibits, and training staff. I moved on to PR Director for TOC Productions/Menopause The Musical, the Jeanie C. Linders Fund, and Me magazine. In 2012, I accepted the position of Director of Marketing & Events for CollaborativeWEALTH, a financial planning and wealth management firm located in Lake Mary. I’m currently the owner and manager of Change of Latitude Travel where I marry my love of travel with helping customers find great travel deals and explore the world.


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